A Father's Day of Action: Join Just Leadership USA and New York Immigration Coalition for a Father's Day Action Monday June 19th

On Father's Day many of us will be busy making phone calls to loved ones across the country, stopping across town, or gathering in the memory of a father or parent to honor and show our love. But you don't have to stop showing your love this Sunday! Take action this Monday to "Free the Dads!" and parents who are unecessarily separated from their children as they serve time behind bars in state, federal and immigration facilities! Our communities need support and resources, not prisons!


Below is a call to action by Just Leadership USA's Communty Organizer Brittany Williams with easy steps for folks to take action in New York and across the nation!


"This Father’s Day, we will not forget those who are separated from their children because of incarceration and detention. The number of children with a father in state or federal prison is now over 1.5 million. If we include jails, 1 out of every 28 children now has an incarcerated parent. Annually, ICE detains about 400,000 immigrants, holding up to 34,000 immigrants on any given day.


Our systems of criminalization are tearing apart families and we will NOT stand for it. Join the New York Immigration Coalition and JustLeadershipUSA as we stand together and demand that our federal representatives give #Not1MoreDollar for detention or incarceration. It is time to #FreeTheDads.


Join our direct action on Monday, June 19th 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

  • 4:00 PM Public Education in Foley Square + 5:00 PM Vigil at 26 Federal Plaza

  • Email brittany [at] justleadershipusa [dot] org to RSVP & for additional details.

  • Share the event on Facebook and mobilize your networks!


See below for additional ways to support!


In solidarity,


JustLeadershipUSA and the New York Immigration Coalition




  1. Support the digital media campaign Friday 6/16 through Monday 6/19

    1. Share NYIC/JLUSA social media posts

    2. Posting from our social media toolkit here.


  1. Collect and share stories + photos from your community

    1. By emailing Brittany [at] justleadershipusa [dot] org or posting to social media with #FreeTheDads


  1. Call to Action:




    1. Call your Senator and demand that #Not1MoreDollar go to incarceration or detention (instructions attached).

    2. Share call to action with your network!"

Lillian M. Hewko, J.D.


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